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Q:What is Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy?


A:Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a simple and straightforward technique for resolving emotion and psychological issues. It utilizes acupuncture points which the client activates by simply tapping them with the fingertips while thinking about the specific problem. This process has the capability of disabling and quite often completely eliminating troublesome emotional and physical responses.


Q:How will TFT help me?


A:It is believed that TFT is the most effective psychotherapy ever discovered or devised. Time after time it has proven to be extremely successful in treating Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Trauma (PTSD), OCD, Physical Pain and many other emotional problems that can be life limiting, stifle personal performance and act as barriers to block healing.


Q:Is TFT related to Energy Psychology? 


A:No. Energy Psychology is a very loose term and includes many procedures. TFT would be more properly called Information Psychology.


Q:How do I know that my therapist is qualified to use TFT with me?


A:Your therapist is a member of the Association for Thought Field Therapy and should display a certificate signed by an ATFT approved trainer. ATFT is a worldwide organisation of therapists who have been well trained and continually updated in the use of this dynamic and highly successful therapy.


Q:What happens during a TFT treatment?


A:The therapist instructs the client to tap a series of pre-determined acupuncture points on the body and face in a precise order while thinking of their problem. Typically and often quickly, a significant reduction or elimination of the problem results.


Q:How affective is TFT?


A:TFT is not a ‘band-aid’ therapy. It offers real, measurable and permanent relief from a wide variety of problems. It has been referred to as “The Power Therapy of the 21st Century” because of its high degree of effectiveness. Many common fears and phobias can be eliminated in minutes. That is not to say that every problem responds as quickly. Some problems require a few treatments and corresponding shifts in lifestyle. However, most clients experience a significant improvement with the first session.


Q:What if the problem comes back?


A:Occasionally, a problem that has been cured successfully can recur. If this should happen call your therapist. Not only will they be able to successfully and quickly treat the problem again, but they will also be able to help in determining why it returned. Once the reason has been determined, it is often a simple matter to eliminate it permanently.


Q:Is TFT safe?


A:Yes, absolutely! TFT is remarkable because it can do no harm whatsoever. It will either work or do nothing at all. If no satisfactory result is forthcoming it is usually due to a deeper layer to the problem that is yet untreated or toxins in the system that are blocking the treatment, both of which can be investigated further by the therapist and rectified. Remember, TFT has a success rate of 80% - 98% depending on the expertise level of your Practitioner. TFT can be used with anyone and is also used successfully with infants and animals.


Q:Do I need to believe, for it to work?


A:No. With TFT, belief is not necessary for the therapy to work. TFT has repeatedly surprised sceptics who did not “believe in” TFT. These former sceptics found that TFT worked without their personal belief in it, just as antibiotics do not depend upon the belief of the person taking them in order to be effective.

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