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TFT was founded by Dr Roger Callahan more than 25 years ago, he has constantly developed and enhanced its speed and success rate ever since, which is unprecedented in the field of psychological interventions.


TFT is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the root cause of all negative emotions.


It is a wonderful therapy to use with people of all ages, and works very well with young children because it is unnecessary to discuss the problem at length or relive it, in order to resolve it.


TFT works using the body’s energy system. It is understood that within our bodies we have a system of energy meridians, or if you like pathways, which run throughout our body carrying emotional information. These were identified centuries ago and have been used in acupuncture for many years.


During a TFT treatment, it is necessary to think about the issue you wish to resolve, whilst you (or your therapist) tap gently with your fingers on specific points along the energy meridians, in specific sequences appropriate to the individuals needs, to clear the emotional blockage and rebalance the energy system thus eliminating negative emotions at their root cause.


TFT uses specific tapping sequences (algorithms) depending on the issue being addressed. TFT algorithm practitioners use standard algorithms, developed by Dr Callahan, which are successful with most people most of the time. However we are all unique, so a TFT practitioner who is trained in diagnostics has the ability to create a bespoke sequence for your individual needs.


TFT removes the emotional upset attached to an event, it cannot change your past, you will still have the memories, but TFT changes how you feel about it now, freeing you from unnecessary emotional distress, and empowering you to enjoy a better future.




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