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Some years ago it was discovered that I had an irregular heartbeat and I was put on tablets of different types to control the condition. This came as a shock having always led a very healthy life and as a result I began to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. This was terrifying for me and affected me for years, restricting my life considerably. I found it almost impossible to even walk the short distance from my house to the shops without feeling panicky. I was then put in touch with Derek by a friend and he gave me just one session of TFT, lasting just over an hour and a half. I was delighted to find that within a week or two of the therapy my life was at last back on track and the anxiety and panic attacks are now a thing of the past. I cannot thank him enough and highly recommend this therapy.


Jean P., Essex  


My name is Linda and I would like to tell you about my journey with my claustrophobia.  Phobias come in many forms and I am sure that there are quite a few people who can identify with claustrophobia.  It can and does rule your life.  Phobias are very hard to explain to someone who does not have a phobia, particularly the one that you currently experience.  For example, whilst on holiday in South Africa, my claustrophobia prevented me from experiencing the magnificent Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn, much to my family’s dismay because I really did miss out on something wonderful. 


It is hard to determine when or why my phobia presented itself; it was insidious to say the least and truly reared its ugly head when I was required to undergo an MRI scan to investigate nerve damage to my vertebrae.  Unfortunately, on the day, as I was being pushed into the tunnel, I reacted with such force and fear; it left me with extreme palpitations, sweating and visible shaking, I could not go through with it.  I was very embarrassed to say the least when I admitted this to my doctor!


I put off having another MRI scan for many months, with the result that the injury was badly affecting my quality of life.  I mentioned this to a friend who put me in contact with Derek and after a consultation, I decided to go ahead with the TFT therapy.  To be totally honest, I was very sceptical but was willing to give it a go in order to get rid of my constant ‘companion’.  Derek put me through the paces and in order for the therapy to be the most effective, I had to imagine being in the MRI tunnel again.  Same fear and symptoms rose to the surface and as Derek was making me go through the procedure, I could actually feel all the muscles in my body begin to relax and I genuinely felt as though a dark and heavy cloud was being lifted.  I felt buoyant afterwards and totally relaxed. 


A few months later, after an appointment with my doctor, another MRI scan was booked and as D-day approached, I was quite confident and relaxed and not at all stressed about the forthcoming ‘test of faith’!  I had a close friend come with me and all went well until I was tucked up on the trolley and about to be pushed into the tunnel.  Up until then, I still felt calm and confident but then, unfortunately, I had a bit of a wobble and asked for my friend to hold my hand. 


For the next 30 minutes or so, I DID IT!!  I was still slightly apprehensive and was very happy when the MRI scan was complete.  On discussing this ‘wobble’ it would seem sometimes (as in my case) a second session would have been beneficial.


I would thoroughly recommend Derek and his magic tapping therapy, it does work!


Linda, Heybridge, Essex.




I have always been nervous and panicky of having my blood pressure taken (white coat syndrome, I think it's called) so a true reading cannot be taken, and having heard about TFT, I thought I'd give it a try; I was very apprehensive before Derek started the treatment, but he chatted with me and soon put me at my ease.


Whilst Derek was giving me the non-invasive TFT treatment, I could not help thinking that something so simple must be a complete waste of time - but how wrong was I !? At the end of twenty minutes or so, Derek asked me to imagine he was taking my BP and how did I feel? I could not believe how calm I felt, and then became rather emotional to think that my problems were over but Derek reassured me that it was a very common after-effect.


Anyway, I have now had the ultimate test of having my BP taken by the doctor on three separate occasions and on each one have had no feelings of panic whatsoever, so that the reading is correct. My doctor is most impressed and I would recommend anyone to have this treatment. Derek is so understanding, calm and reassuring.


Ms D, Essex

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