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TFT Treatment is completely non-invasive and drug-free. There are no needles involved and you do not have to talk at length about your difficulties.

While thinking of your problem you are asked to tap gently on specific points on your face, hands and upper body. You are not asked to remove any clothing.


TFT is completely pain-free.

How is treatment given?

Working with me you are asked to “think and hold the thought” of your problem as clearly as possible in your mind. While doing so you are taken through a precise sequence of tapping with your fingers on specific Energy Meridian Points on your face, hands and upper body.

This activates the Thought Field associated with your problem and then subsumes the perturbation – the trigger which is the “root cause” of your upset.

As each perturbation in the Problem Thought Field is eliminated, the distress experienced diminishes until it is no longer present.  You can remember the problem but experience no further distress.


How long will it take?

TFT treatment  is usually effective within minutes.  This can leave you feeling incredulous, while trying – without success – to bring back the emotional upset that has caused you so much distress for such a long time.


How many treatments will I need?

One to three treatments are usually necessary to resolve your problem using Thought Field Therapy.  If your problem has many layers these will all need to be treated individually as you become aware of each one.

Further, you will be shown how to self-treat if you are experiencing a continuing problem which is causing you on-going distress, anxiety or trauma.


Does the treatment last?

YES – most problems are completely resolved in the three sessions and will then usually last over time.


Are there any side effects?

NO – adverse side-effects from Thought Field Therapy are unheard of.


Is TFT painful to apply?

Thought Field Therapy is completely non-invasive and pain-free. There are no drugs, needles or any other instruments involved.


Will I have to talk about or confront my problem?

With TFT there is no need whatsoever to talk about your problems over many hours of consultation.  In conventional psychotherapy it is known that such a thing can cause considerable distress.  It is my skill as a TFT Diagnostic therapist that enables me to discover the “root cause” attached to your problem.  It is the root cause, often a buried past trauma, anxiety or fear, that in reality is the trigger which can activate your current distress.  Treating the root cause can completely resolve the present upset.


Is TFT suitable for children?

YES – they enjoy the “tapping game!”  Its simplicity and safety make TFT particularly suitable for nervous children whose anxiety would make conventional treatment difficult and upsetting.  There is no age barrier, all that is needed is that the child can understand and obey simple instructions.  AND – even very young children can be treated with the help of a parent or guardian acting as surrogate.


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